The skincare ingredient you need in your routine like, now

The skincare ingredient you need in your routine like, now

Unveiling the Power of EGFs: The Secret to Rejuvenated Skin.

In this fast-paced acronym-driven world, it's easy to overlook yet another abbreviation. But hold on! ICYMI, you need to pay attention to EGFs ASAP. TBH, EGFs are the new LOML (Love of My Life) when it comes to skincare.

What exactly are EGFs, you ask?

Well, EGF stands for epidermal growth factor, and it has garnered the admiration of none other than celebrity facialist Joanna Vargas. In fact, she has launched a brand-new skincare line that highlights the remarkable benefits of this superstar ingredient. But what does EGF really do? While it may sound similar to stem cells, it's actually quite distinct.

According to Joanna, "Epidermal growth factor is a specific type of peptide or protein chain that was developed to accelerate cellular-level wound healing." She adds, "EGF is truly revolutionary, and it's exciting to see how modern medicine is transforming our approach to skincare."

Let's delve deeper into the origins of EGF

"EGF can be derived from plants, animals, or human cells that mimic the cells of the area where it's applied or cloned from," Joanna explains. "In my case, the EGF I use comes from a vegetable source, making it clean, healthy, and suitable for all skin types."

So how does EGF work its magic?

Joanna enlightens us, saying, "Our skin naturally contains EGF to facilitate the repair and replication of existing cells. When used in skincare, EGF aims to stimulate those same functions, rejuvenating the skin and boosting collagen production."

Scientific studies have demonstrated that EGFs possess potent mitogenic properties, meaning they rapidly accelerate cell division and growth.


Now, let's talk about the benefits you can expect from incorporating EGF into your skincare routine. Joanna assures us, "EGF is unparalleled in its ability to repair damaged skin. It works wonders in addressing sun damage and counteracting the effects of environmental stressors. The advantages include promoting an even skin tone, replenishing moisture, conditioning the skin, and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles with consistent use."

When is the ideal time to incorporate EGF into your regimen?

Well, anytime is suitable, but pay extra attention after undergoing skin-damaging treatments such as chemical peels or laser procedures. Joanna recommends, "EGF is perfect for post-laser use because the laser treatment damages the skin's surface, triggering collagen production. This combination of wound healing and collagen stimulation leads to a transformative process for the skin."

So, there you have it—EGFs, the secret to rejuvenated skin. Embrace this powerful ingredient and unlock a whole new level of skincare satisfaction. Your skin deserves the best, and with EGFs, you can achieve a radiant and youthful complexion that will leave you feeling like the true LOML.

Our favorite from Joanna Vargas

THE TWILIGHT FACE MASK FROM JOANNA VARGAS: EGF REPAIRING MASK. A deep conditioning mask that delivers Epidermal Growth Factor to promote optimal vibrance and an even glow

“My Twilight Face Mask is an Epidermal Growth Factor mask that I think is the most healing thing I’ve put on my face. It’s composed of 40 different plant and vegetable stem cells, making it one of the most potent ingredient combinations in my line,” Joanna shares.


Our favorite from Babyface

Collagen Booster EGF Serum with Marine Peptides & Sea Kelp

Babyface's unique Collagen Booster EGF Serum is a potent concoction of Natural Active Marine Peptides, Sea Kelp, and EGF, and has long been a client favorite.