How to get Tube Girl-Level confidence

How to get Tube Girl-Level confidence

Dance Like No One's Watching? Try TikTok Like No One's Watching.

So, imagine this: you’re scrolling through TikTok, and you stumble upon this fearless babe, Sabrina Bahsoon, aka Tube Girl, effortlessly rocking her lip-syncing game on the London tube. You can't help but wonder, "How does she do it?"

Well, the queen herself spilled the beans on how she keeps her confidence soaring high. Here's the juicy scoop on how to level up your confidence, Tube Girl style.

Chase Your Bliss

According to Sabrina, it's all about chasing what makes your heart sing. For her, it meant indulging in her love for dance and music, no matter what anyone else thought. She swears by blasting her favorite tunes, hanging out with her crew, and gradually putting herself out there. Her secret? Don't overthink it. Just do what makes you happy.

Fake it 'til You Make it

We all have those off days, right? Sabrina's hack? Plug in those earphones, crank up the volume, and dance like you own the place. Yup, it's all about faking that confidence until you actually start feeling it. Works like a charm, apparently.

Remember: You Do You, Boo

Here's the real gem of wisdom from Tube Girl herself: nobody really gives a darn. Seriously. People might call you names, but that's just them being insecure. The key is to zone out the haters and focus on your own happiness. Be you, unapologetically.

In a world where everyone's trying to fit in, Sabrina Bahsoon's story is a much-needed reminder to rock the boat and dance to your own beat. So go ahead, unleash your inner Tube Girl, and let that confidence shine!