Growing Your Hair Out: A Survival Guide

Growing Your Hair Out: A Survival Guide

Louise Brooks and the bob haircut have become synonymous with chic, effortless style. But as the pendulum of fashion swings, many are now yearning for the versatility and grace of longer locks. If you’re contemplating the journey from a short, sassy bob to flowing tresses, brace yourself for the adventure ahead. Here’s your survival guide, drawing wisdom from the hair maestro Domenico Cassella and the experiences of those who’ve navigated this transformative path.


Embracing the Awkward Phase

The transition from short to long hair is not without its challenges. The awkward phase, where hair is neither here nor there, can test your patience. But fear not, for with the right strategy, you can emerge victorious. Regular trims, as advised by Cassella, are non-negotiable. Every five to six weeks, a slight snip can keep your hair looking intentional and prevent the dreaded thinning ends.


Nurturing Your Scalp

Long, healthy hair begins at the root—quite literally. A well-cared-for scalp is the foundation of hair growth. Balance your scalp’s pH with a gentle hydrating shampoo and consider professional scalp treatments for that extra boost. Cassella’s go-to is a natural clay-based concoction that exfoliates and hydrates, setting the stage for growth.


Protect and Pamper

As your hair grows, it becomes more vulnerable to damage. Heat protecting products are your new best friends, shielding your strands from the harshness of styling tools. Better yet, take a break from heat altogether and let your hair’s natural texture shine. At night, treat your scalp to Philip Martin’s Scalp Nutriment Spray—a natural, hormone-free elixir that works its magic while you sleep.


The Long Hair Essentials

Finally, as you bid farewell to your bob and welcome longer hair, invest in a silk pillowcase and silk scrunchie. These gentle accessories reduce friction and breakage, ensuring that every inch you grow is preserved in all its glory.


Embarking on the journey to long hair is a commitment—one that requires patience, care, and a touch of indulgence. But with these tips in hand, you’ll be well-equipped to handle the highs and lows, and before you know it, you’ll be the one turning heads with your bounteous waves, just like J Lo on that fateful day outside the Schiaparelli show.